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Our work in the boating industry taught us a few things. First, to be competitive in your industry, you must move away from magazines and leverage technology to reach people where they are. Second, it's not enough to be competitive in price you have to make the buying experience as easy as possible. From inquiries to paperwork, the process should be smooth.

We help you organize your contacts to start nurturing existing customers – more oil changes, more winterizing processes, and more general boat maintenance – via consistent communication. We can also help you leverage trade shows and compete more effectively with competitors.

Our successful program for boat sellers includes:

A streamlined contact management system

A user-friendly website with specials and well-documented inventory

A monthly nurturing campaign for existing customers


Boat Docks Sales and Services :: Case Study

We started working with Boat Docks Sales and Services in March of 2019. At the time they were prepping for a trade show in which they had invested a lot of money. In order to ensure their investment was worth the time and effort we helped them prepare by launching a website with important information on their company, inventory details, and an easy to use contact form. We also provided a way for any leads to be captured through the website using the Hubspot CRM.

Perhaps our most meaningful contribution was providing a geofence around the trade show which enabled BDSS to capture leads even after the trade show concluded.

We saw a 250% conversion increase in their traffic and overall sales went up for the year. We also noticed an increase in store foot traffic and service request!



In March of 2019, as we geared up for a crucial trade show, Luna Creative stepped in to ensure our investment translated into tangible success. They launched an invaluable website for us, rich with essential details about our company and inventory, complemented by an easy-to-navigate contact form. This was seamlessly integrated with Hubspot CRM, setting the stage for effective lead management. But perhaps the most innovative solution they provided was the geofencing technology around the trade show area, a game-changer that helped us continue to capture leads well after the event had ended. The results were astounding: a 250% surge in conversion rates, a significant boost in annual sales, and noticeable increases in both store foot traffic and service inquiries. Luna Creative's strategic and technological support was pivotal in elevating our brand presence and customer engagement to new heights.

Dave Greenamyer


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