March 28, 2014 By Dan Kraus

Testimonials and Case Studies – When All Else Fails


You have this great client or customer. They would make a fabulous case study and they have already given you a nice short testimonial quote. They love you and your product or service. They compliment you all the time. And you can never get to write anything down, or even to give you time to work with them to develop the case study story. Because they are too busy.

Sound familiar? It’s an everyday occurrence for us. So what do you do?

Write it for them! We aren’t suggesting you make it up. Just simply write it for them. If this is a client or customer you know well, you can find their “voice”. You can write the quotes and attribute them and odds are, you know the results of your product or work for them, maybe better than they do.

This is how public relations usually works too. The PR person will write the quote and attribute it to an executive, and the executive then gives it the okay. (why do you think most executive quotes read very similar).

So write the case study. Include results and some quotes. And then ask your customer to just approve or edit it if they want changes. To write the story, follow the journalistic basics:

  1. Who (is this about)
  2. What (was the problem before you got involved, and the results now that you or your product is there)
  3. When (did this all take place)
  4. Where (is the customer located – get the city and state or similar in there to help with local SEO)
  5. Why (did the customer choose to work with you or your product)
  6. How (did you make them successful or how much – if you can quantify it – did you improve their business/life)

The case study need not be long – two pages of typed text is probably maximum. When you get the customer’s okay on it, have a graphics person do a professional layout and if you can, include pictures from your client or their business in it (a good reason to take some next time you visit them).

Finally, before you start using the case study, be sure to give your client a copy of the final product.

Now, if you are saying, this is fine and good, and you are too busy to get it done as well, then hire someone to. A well-written case study, at about 2 pages, laid out for you, should cost around $500. (and yes, we can help)

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