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In today’s competitive landscape, a pretty website isn’t enough. You need a home on the web that’s more than visually appealing – you need functional, user-friendly, and optimized for searchability and conversion. Web design firms that focus solely on a website’s aesthetics miss the mark on the pivotal role a well-defined and documented marketing strategy play in creating a website. 

At Leading Results, we view your website as the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. (If you’re considering a website refresh, make sure you have a marketing strategy first). Your website must both educate your customers and inspire them to act. With our extensive experience in both web development and lead-generation marketing, we provide a beautiful modern website optimized for conversion on any platform. (Though we prefer HubSpot.)

Website development doesn’t have to be painful and expensive

Many clients come to us jaded and frustrated by the process of (re)designing their website. Maybe you contracted a company that over promised and under delivered. Or you experienced extreme frustration when project deadlines weren’t met, your calls weren’t returned – and your website wasn’t launched. And all the while, you’re thinking you spent too much money and time to endure this process.

We get it. You don’t want to go through that again.

We don’t want you to either.

The traditional design process is broken

The typical web design firm follows a traditional approach: 

  • Analysis 
  • Mockups 
  • Designs 
  • Copywriting 

And finally, putting it all together. Depending on many factors, that process could take three to six months or longer.

Right before launch, there’s lots of anxiety. Will the site work better? Do we have the right images? Are there spelling or grammar mistakes? Do all the links work? This anxiety arises from the idea that your new website is “done” at launch and that once it’s done, you won’t have to think about it again for a year or two.

There are two significant risks associated with the traditional web development process outlined above.  

  • Up-front risk: You're spending a lot of money at the beginning of the project even though you’re unsure if the new design will give you the value you want.  
  • Huge time commitment: You're committing your marketing and your sales teams to provide content and information you’ll need for the website design process.  


Leading Results takes a different approach to your website presence 

Metaphorically, the traditional approach to web development creates a stagnant pond versus a fresh, running stream. The traditionally created website you worked so hard on sits, mostly untouched, for a year, two years, maybe even three, before you notice that everything’s outdated – or just plain wrong.  The “pond” is murky and full of algae and lily pads. Your online home becomes detrimental to your brand.

Our approach, based on Growth-Driven Design (aka agile development), starts by assuming that your website must be your best salesperson, and, like a salesperson, must continually grow and adapt as it (you) learns.

First, we work together to plan the strategy for the website and how it fits into your overall marketing plan and approach. This includes your customer personas, how the website fits into your buyer’s journey, and how the site needs to support your typical marketing tactics.

We then break the strategy down to the core elements for your launch pad website and wish list.

The launch pad website comes next. This is your core website with a new design and updated content, navigation, and images. It also has embedded tracking tools so we can see how it performs and if your visitors are using the site as you expected. The launch pad website is typically finished in 90 to 120 days.

After launch, we audit the site for 30 to 60 days to understand if it’s working as planned and make adjustments until it is. Then we implement your wish list items and extend the site functionality and depth in 30-day sprints.

Depending on your current website and where you want to go, the wish list sprints process may continue for six months to a year (or longer).

And the anxiety is gone. Your site is a running stream of water – always fresh and changing to adapt to your customers, your market, and your strategy.

Would you like to talk about your new website and how the process can be anxiety-free?  Contact us.

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