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Episode 34: Douglas Davidson of Elements of Madness

Posted by leadingresults on Dec 30, 2018 7:46:32 PM

Join host Matt Starnes and his special guest Douglas Davidson of Elements of Madness. Douglas Davidson is the creator of the film review site, Elements of Madness. Learn how Douglas started writing film reviews and grew the website.

Elements of Madness - Cinematic Reviews

Elements of Madness is an entertainment website focused on cinematic releases past, present, and future. With so many channels to watch films, and more arriving every day, EoM seeks to help cut through the clutter by focusing on not just the big studio pieces, but also the smaller indie pictures hitting theaters and streaming services. Though the EoM team is small, the combination of their particular talents and view of cinema is the mixture that leads to madness.

His greatest pride as a writer is his 2016 induction into the NC Film Critics Association, for which he is an active member. In October 2018, he was added as a Rotten Tomatoes approved individual critic.

In addition to running EoM, he’s a Senior Contributor Film Critic for Charlotte-based arts and culture blog CLTure, contributing Film Critic for entertainment website Pretty Vacant One, contributing Film Review Member for online film community FilmFed, and co-host of The Cine-Men podcast on the Poprika Podcast Network.


Listen and learn as Douglas shares:

  • The origin of Elements of Madness
  • How he organically grew film reviewing into a business
  • How he built the Elements of Madness brand
  • How joining an association opened up opportunity


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