Marketing Strategy

A marketing tactic (e.g.building a new website, using social media, pay-per-click advertising, email blasts) may accidentally work to your satisfaction – once or twice. Wrap the tactic in a well-planned marketing strategy and execution plan, however, and accidental results become intentional and measurable successes. 

A solid marketing strategy encompasses more than which tactics to execute; it supports your vision for the company. A great strategy’s foundation has a clear view of your ideal customer, an easy-to-understand description of your products and services, and includes your core message of differentiation. 

Finally, a strong marketing strategy drives your sales and marketing budget, including considering the cost of acquiring new customers as it relates to the lifetime value of those customers (because failing to account for those costs and revenue limit your growth and profitability). 

The team at Leading Results will help you build a strategic roadmap to success. 

Two-day Marketing Strategy Workshop

Our two-day Marketing Strategy Workshop drawa roadmap to success. It involves your key team members – executive, sales, marketing, and customer service (because marketing is everything you do).  

In the workshop, everyone gets on the same page as we define:  

  • Your target market 
  • Your ideal client profile 
  • The buyer persona and their buying process 
  • Your core message and differentiation 
  • The insights you bring to the marketplace 
  • The tactics you need to reach your prospective customer 

This workshop is a stand-alone engagement, meaning you can take the roadmap and follow it in-house or you can work with our team and our proven processes to execute your strategy and tactical plan. 

If you’ve been wasting money on marketing tactics that don’t get the results you want, you’ll find this $7500 workshop priceless. 

Hear what our customers say about the workshop.


What’s Our Marketing Philosophy?

Leading Results specializes in generating leads for high-ticket B2B products and services. These products often have long, complex marketing and sales cycles that may involve many stakeholders.  

This specialization drives our approach.   

  • Plan and execute consistently. Generating a sustainable flow of qualified leads requires a consistent process. Duct Tape Marketing gives us a proven framework to use in planning your lead generation programs. (Year-long plans are nice, but 90-day plans get executed.)  
  • Balance is required. Effective lead generation and pipeline acceleration encompass four distinct approaches: 
    • Inbound marketing – Helping prospects find you and become educated buyers 
    • Outbound marketing – Contacting prospects via traditional means like email, advertising, trade shows, and telemarketing 
    • Referrals – Getting your best customers and partners to refer you 
    • Earned media – Traditionally thought of as PR, earned media is getting other people and publications to talk about you 
  • We’re a lead generation agency first. We want to use tools that work and don’t want to be a marketing technology vendor, so HubSpot is our premier tool, allowing us to build websites that incorporate the digital marketing tools and analytics necessary for today’s marketing. And, with HubSpot, we know our clients are secure, backed up, and never locked in – to us or the platform. 
  • Education is the most effective form of selling; no one likes to be sold, but we like to buy. Enabling self-education is one of the best ways to move prospects through their buyer’s journey. 
  • Results matter more than anything. A great brand is essential, but brand marketing doesn’t generate enough leads in our complex B2B world. We prefer everything to be trackable, so we know the impact it makes. We’re okay with failing, as long as we fail fast and learn something. We know traffic, clicks, likes, and leads don’t pay the bills – sales do.  
  • Sales and marketing must work together. If that feedback loop doesn’t exist, one group will be disappointed and the other frustrated. 


We Preach What We Practice

As a marketing agency, we’re great practitioners of marketing – but we also love to educate through public speaking and workshops. Various team members have provided keynote addresses, workshops, and breakout sessions at conferences, user group meetings, and regional business meetings. 

We’re comfortable presenting and educating on many marketing, sales, and business development topics – whether the audience is twenty people or two thousand. 

Are you looking for a speaker, trainer, or workshop for your next event? To learn more about our favorite topics, click here.

Would you like to learn more about how we can help you develop your marketing strategy? Contact us now. 

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