Marketing Programs

When we act as your marketing department, you get our expertise in strategymessaging, and brand and website development as well as marketing program execution. If you’re not ready to bring in a full marketing team to act on your behalf, you can always work with us on specific marketing programs to supplement your current lead generation efforts or try new approaches. 

The following programs are the ones we most frequently undertake for our clients, though not every client uses every tactic – that’s why getting the strategy right is so important. 


Marketing Strategy Workshop

If you aren’t sure where to begin, start with a marketing strategy workshop. This two-day workshop will develop your strategic and tactical marketing plan. Conducted at our site or yours, it aligns your key stakeholders for growth.


Running your own podcast is an outstanding way to generate content, connect with your audience, and even connect with prospects. Our podcast production and promotion service (P3) will set up the tech, get the podcast posted and promote it to gain listeners for your organization.


Having a current, educational blog is the cornerstone of a successful SEO program, along with social media posts that engage your audience and a brand that expresses thought leadership. Our team can write about nearly any topic via research or interviews with your team. And, depending on your website, we’ll even SEO-optimize the blog and post it as part of our services. (See our portfolio page for a few examples of successful blog posts.) 

Advertising on Facebook

When we talk about advertising on Facebook, we aren't talking about “boosting a post.” (That doesn’t really work). We work with our clients to create the right target audiences, build the correct sequence of ads, and manage the process to generate leads, traffic, and awareness for your product, service, and brand. 

Content offer creation 

Content powers marketing. If you're doing an email campaign, you need a content offer. If you want to convert visitors to leads, you need content. If you're at a trade show, you need content. We create content in nearly every format  eBooks, interactive PDFs, infographics, success stories, buyer’s guides, quizzes, surveys, and more. (Look at our portfolio page for examples.) 

Customer stories 

The voices of your customers are a powerful tool during the buyer’s journey. The stories we create for our clients are more than the who-what-why facts  we know how to elicit the personal and emotional results, too. (You can see examples in our portfolio.) 

AI-powered targeted advertising (programmatic) 

Programmatic advertising (what we prefer to call AI-driven advertising) allows you to target prospective customers by geography (down to a specific street location), keyword, context, database, search terms, and site visits. It's a cost-effective solution for many businesses. 

Social media creation and management 

Not every social media channel works for every business. Succeeding with social media requires the right strategy for channels, content, and intent. Posting because you “should” isn't useful; you need research to choose which content to post on which platform something we do for many customers.  

Video creation and promotion 

Video should be part of your communication mix  but it doesn’t have to be expensive, professionally produced, or filmed with real people. Our clients tell their stories using video in different ways, including animation or voiceless GIFs. Or maybe you have video but need editing and promotion assistance. Or if you want the live production with drone footage and real people, we’ve got you covered there, too. (Check out the video portfolio page for examples.)  

Email marketing 

Email marketing by buying a big list and spamming it isn’t just a bad idea, it’s illegal. With CASL in Canada, GDPR in the EU, and CAN-SPAM in the U.S., cold email campaigns are rarely effective. Email is still a great way to nurture prospects, however – you just need their permission. When you get it, we can help!  

Reviews and reputation management 

Reviews of your product, service, and company help your prospective customers decide to work with you. Google and Facebook love reviews, and your prospects will look for them on your website, too. Our review and reputation management services will help you get reviews, maintain consistent directory listings, and handle the inevitable negative comments.  

Paid content syndication 

Having great content offers is useless if no one sees them. If your business sells complex products with long sales cycles, paid content syndication is a smart way to get your materials in front of prospects you might not otherwise connect with.

Search engine optimization 

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t “a” thing – it’s a collection of activities that make your website pages more visible to search engines and searchers. The best approach to SEO combines many tactics on this page along with the technical work in the code of your website. 

Paid search marketing 

If prospects are actively looking for your product or service, then paid search – either via Google or programmatic search – makes sense. But search marketing is tricky because your prospects don’t always search with the words you think they will, and search engines treat searches differently depending on where the search takes place (desktop or mobile), the time of day, and search history.  

Advertising on LinkedIn 

B2B-focused companies often consider LinkedIn for advertising, and when done for the right reasons, it works fabulously. Our team often combines LinkedIn and Facebook advertising programs in a paid social campaign because each channel offers its own benefits, format, and reach. 

Trade show planning and management  

Trade shows can be very effective at reaching your target prospects, but they can also be an enormous waste of money. We work with our clients to gain the maximum benefit from their trade show investment with pre-show planning, on-floor goals, instruction, and follow up.  

Referral marketing 

Most of our clients get some business through referrals, and we help them make it a more predictable process. Planning and executing programs for both customer and partner referrals puts visibility and control back into what’s often an accidental process.