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November 27, 2018 By leadingresults

Talking Analog vs. Digital Marketing with Jason Huddle


Matt Starnes, the host of Leading Results’s Marketing Monster Mashup podcast, sat down for a far-reaching conversation about analog vs. digital marketing with Jason Huddle, President at CabCo Media Group. 

Matt and Jason attended Appalachian State University (ASU) and worked at the campus radio station WASU FM together. Matt was the promotions director and co-hosted the morning show; Jason started the underwriting department and then increased its revenue by turning a marketing class project into actionable data to create a new format for WASU. 

Jason has over 20 years of professional experience in marketing. He's also been a magazine publisher for over 17 of those years – he’s well-versed in promoting your business through both advertising and public relations.

Jason's goal is to build the CabCo Media Group to handle sales for local and regional radio stations and publications throughout the country.

CabCo Media Group – motto: "You sell. We Succeed." – focuses on radio, print, and digital. The Cabarrus Magazine strives to be the most respected publication for the Cabarrus region, offering quality editorial and articles that both inform and educate readers about bettering their lives and learning from others who have.

Listen and learn as Jason and Matt discuss:

  • The benefits of radio and podcasting
  • How Jason created opportunities for himself back in his WASU radio days
  • Evolving skills from analog to digital
  • The value of meeting face to face
  • Why marketing is not only for a business launch


Learn more about Jason, CabCo Media Group, and Cabarrus Magazine here.

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