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I Don’t Need Buyer Personas for My Website


Persona_blankSimilar to: “I need to reach too many different types of people for buyer personas to work” or “Let’s fix my buyer personas after I get this (fill in the blank) marketing activity done.”

Your message or offer has to have a clearly identified target in order for your marketing to be effective. Or said differently, “anyone” or “everyone” automatically qualifies as “no target” and hence, attracts nobody.

Understanding the buyer persona of your ideal clients or ideal customer is one of the central core elements of strategic marketing. It’s the who you are trying to reach of the classic reporter questions of who, what, when, why, & how.

If you don’t know much about your buyer persona – the who you are trying to reach how do you expect to know anything about why they are visiting or would want to visit your website; what content they might be looking for; or what worries them that you can solve.

If you don’t know those answers, how can you logically expect to have a relevant website that leaves your potential buyer with a positive impression of your company, yet alone interested in taking a next step and converting; be it talking to a salesperson, downloading more information or putting in a trial purchase. Start by simply talking to your customers.

So ask, “You’re trying to tell me I need to know a bit about who I’m trying to reach before I can make an effective website?”

If you don’t know who you are trying to reach with your website, who would want to reach your website? The personas help you craft your copy, select your images, formulate your offers, and plan your follow up.

We can help you with crafting your personas and setting up the right approach to attract the leads you want. Or you can give it try yourself first using the persona template provided by Leading Results and HubSpot. Just click the button and download the template.

Buyer Persona Template

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