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December 27, 2018 By leadingresults

Content is the Most Trusted Form of Advertising


The rise of ad blockers, data breaches, and clickbait make it easy to think online advertising is coming close to running its course. With all the ways there are to consume online content, there are an equal number of ways to ignore ads. Adapting and innovating your advertising is important to avoid getting tuned out, because I’m here to tell you – advertising isn’t dead yet.

John Jantsch says it best in his book The Referral Engine, “Today’s smart advertiser understands that advertising is less effective at creating sales but very effective at creating awareness, particularly awareness of educational, trust-building content.” The most successful ads, particularly on social media, are those that engage viewers so they want to learn more and start a conversation. Successful ads offer a valuable piece of educational content that addresses a person’s specific pain point.Facebook Thumbs Up

You’ve heard it before, and I’m repeating it: no one wants to be sold to! When sales pitches are detected, they become less effective because there’s no trust. Educational content can start conversations, build trust and community, and generate qualified leads.

Facebook’s advertising platform is a beast on its own. Many advertisers get discouraged from continuing Facebook ads because they don’t convert to sales right away, but we must reshape our way of thinking about Facebook and social media advertising. It is social media, after all, which implies a sense of community and engagement.

It’s time to understand that Facebook ads are best used to share content intended to create awareness and trust about your brand. Use promoted content to get prospects to know, like, and trust you before you ask for their business! That way a prospect is more likely to work with you.

Visitors don’t come to Facebook intending to buy. They come to the platform expecting to be entertained, learn something new, or engage with their communities. Use your content to entertain them, educate them on solving their pain points, and build a sense of community – only then can you ask for their business and make the sale. Understanding this framework will help you become a better, more trusted advertiser – especially if you’re selling a high-ticket item; people are more likely to buy if they understand your brand’s message and believe you can solve their problem.

To get started, contact us. We can help you set up the right content to capture attention and trust on social media.

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