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January 04, 2021 By Darling Jimenez

Clubhouse: The App That's Literally Changing the Conversation


By now I am almost certain that you have heard about the new social media platform sweeping the nation and scooping up users from Instagram, podcasts, TikTok, and more. 

The new app in town is Clubhouse - a voice platform which allows you to hold conversations with people across the U.S. without video. 

This new platform lets people chat in real time, share stories, collaborate, and bounce ideas off of each other using their voice, without the need for equipment.

Just your phone (with working microphone) and communities of people who connect based on interests.

How does it work?

Clubhouse is still in beta, and sports an exclusive, invite-only approach. Once you are invited you can enter the platform and attend live conversations where a moderator leads a discussion and can assign co-panelists. Moderators can also invite audience members, who are initially in listen-only mode, to participate in the conversation as a panelist.

Inside of Clubhouse you can also find groups that are thematic in nature. Ranging from business to ethnic affinity groups, each of these groups is able to host events and conversations, though it’s not necessary to have a group to create a room. 

Two important things worthy of note:

  1. The app is only available for iPhone users (no Android)
  2. Due to the exclusive nature of the app, each use gets an initial singular invitation. As they host events and gain a following they receive additional invitations, however, you may not be able to gain immediate access to the application simply by creating an account.

Who is on Clubhouse?

Through my last week as a member of Clubhouse, I have found that overall the audience is eclectic, to say the least. From celebrities and known business-world standouts to small business entrepreneurs, Clubhouse seems to put together a very diverse group of individuals as it relates to experience. 

It is worth noting, however, that I frequently find myself in more and more rooms of color. An Afro-latina woman myself, this may be caused by the fact that the algorithm looks at people you already follow, or content you have selected as topics of interest, and shows you more and more of that content. As you follow people as well you will find that similar individuals are suggested.

Why is Clubhouse Important?

Though in its beta, it seems that this app has managed to get the internet buzzing and this early success suggests that the developers have tapped into something. I’ve been part of several conversations where members of the audience have explicitly stated that the conversation being had at the time was a life-changing conversation. More importantly, it offers the feeling of real world connection through active, live conversation and allows for people to connect that perhaps wouldn’t any other way. With no geographical boundaries, the app seems to be an open room for connection along lines of interests. 

Furthermore, the ability to connect other platforms also positions the app as a great place to start promoting and growing other platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. Though I have been limited in my use of the app, I have in one week gained about 25 followers with minimal usage. 

Final Verdict

I have seen many applications come and go. It is my personal belief that the app Clubhouse has the potential to revolutionize the way that business is done. Just in the past week, I’ve seen the app used for live recruitment for employees, a dating advice app, a marketing class, and live poetry sessions. This app is versatile and manages to foster deep conversations, opportunity for connection, and networking in one seamless experience. It may also very well be the next evolution of podcast - a live podcast discussion opportunity with people all over the world. 

If you are not in the app yet, phone a friend and get an invite!

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