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June 27, 2019 By Trevor McWilliams

4 Ways to Increase Web Traffic


One of the stats you most likely pay attention to is your website traffic. You started the year with a goal – are you on your way to achieving it?

If the answer is no, below are 4 ways to increase your website traffic.

Advertising (Facebook and Programmatic)

One of the best ways to get website views and brand awareness is paid advertising. Two simple options are Facebook advertising and/or programmatic ads. Facebook advertising is perfect for when you already have an audience you want to target. With Facebook’s ‘lookalike audiences,’ you can get website visits from people who already know you and new viewers.

Programmatic ads offer a variety of advertising options for a low price. It’s a quick and easy way to show ads to people that search for topics related to your products and services. If you’ve never heard of programmatic ads before, read our blog, Search, Geofencing, and Programmatic Advertising – Oh My!.

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Social Media

If you don’t want to spend money on advertising, put a lot of effort into your social media posts. Use all the platforms your audience uses – for example, although you may not like Twitter personally, you must learn how to use it to reach prospects. Share valuable content, including blogs, ebooks, upcoming events, etc. on a carefully planned schedule.welcome, phone, computer, laptop, newspaper, office, folders

Be a Guest on Podcasts

Being a guest on a podcast isn’t necessarily to promote your products and services – it’s a conversation with a like-minded person about a chosen marketing topic. People will listen, hopefully like and trust what you say, and you’ll (again, hopefully) earn contacts.

Attend Networking Events

The goal of increasing web traffic is to get leads, but you can also find leads in person. There are countless networking events for every industry, and there’s rarely travel involved. You’ll instantly be in a room with people who want the same thing – and can often help each other.

As marketers, we’re all seeking more website traffic to turn into leads. Luckily, if you aren’t as far along on your goals as you’d like, you have time. To learn more about these four ways to increase your website traffic or learn how to implement them, contact us – we’d love to chat!

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