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April 19, 2019 By Trevor McWilliams

3 Reasons for a Multi-channel Advertising Approach


Have others been preaching to you about adopting new marketing and advertising channels? Everyone says they know which is best for you and to focus all your attention on one channel. Such “advice” can be overwhelming and, frankly, just plain wrong – putting all your eggs in one basket is a big risk. So instead of putting all your efforts into one channel, hoping for a positive ROI, spread your efforts out to reap the benefit of multiple channels.

Here are 3 reasons to explore a multi-channel advertising approach.

Reach multiple audiences

Most companies don’t target one audience and then call it quits; they often have multiple products or services that target more than one buyer persona. Determine which channel is best to reach which market, and, if you’re more likely to reach them on more than one channel, make the investment. Don’t create a Facebook ad campaign based for a product or service just because a Facebook ad campaign is working for another of your product or services – research to determine where your audience is; if it’s not Facebook, find another channel, like programmatic advertising, to reach your audience.

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Different audiences require different messages, whether you change your tone, call-to-action, or revamp your content.

The challenge with messaging is that each advertising channel has different parameters for things like word count and image size; with Google Ads and programmatic ads, for example, text must be embedded into the image, so you’re limited by the size of the image. Facebook limits your word count for the ad description and is very strict about how much wording can appear on the ad image, making image selection much more important. So before designing ads, check the channel parameters.

Constant brand awareness

Posting your ads on multiple channels not only increases the number of people who see your ads, it also increases the chances that one person will see an ad multiple times. Some people will tell you that’s a waste of money because they’ve already been targeted, but if they clicked through on one channel and liked what they saw, they might click through on the new channel, creating a possible repeat customer. It’s also helpful if someone saw an ad on one channel but was too busy to engage with it and forgot; seeing it on a different channel offers another opportunity to reach them.

You want your brand to be seen, and that requires getting your message and ads out there. With so many options, it’s hard to know which is the best fit for you, but the best option might be not choosing – a multichannel advertising approach could be the answer to getting you the best results. To talk more, or if you’re interested in setting up some ad campaigns, contact us – we can help!

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